Return from Whidbey


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I haven’t been writing for a while now. It looks like my last post was in 2018 and “A LOT” has happened since then. Highlights: a graduating senior is leaving us for college in a month and I will be very sad at her departure, I’ve been through some work changes, but work has been stable, and then there is this pandemic thing…

I’ve spent a lot of time on Whidbey Island this year – probably more than half-time since February. I love how it feels rural, but is still an hour from Seattle. It has helped me maintain my mental state through the pandemic and social disorder affecting the world.

Now, back to bikes. I have moved most of my bikes up here, including the following that are getting very regular (daily) use:

  • Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen (my primary road bike)
  • Rivendell Hunqapillar (my road/trail bike and camp bike)
  • Miyata RidgeRunner (my fishing/crabbing/lounging bike)
  • Kona Hei Hei (when I want to kick it up a bit on the trails)

My normal day starts early with half my team on the east coast. I’ll usually do a lunch ride for 1 to 1.5 hours – either a nice 15 mile road ride, or a 6-10 mile trail ride. I then work to the end of the day. After dinner, I will go on a beach walk, kayak, or fish for whatever is nibbling. I enjoy standing in the cold Puget Sound waters for an hour or so while fishing to numb up my legs and relax from the day’s work.

Typical Road Ride:

Trail Ride at Trillium:


Winter Cycling


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In an attempt to get out for a quick ride today, I chose the MTB. I found reasonable trails even in the winter in the Trillium Park on Whidbey Island. I headed up the eastern edge on mostly damp leafy single track until I reached the access road on the north end. After the climb, the real fun starts. There were a few trees down that I had to stop and hop for, but it was a good flow, nevertheless.

On the downhill nearing my favorite twisty section, I ran into a hiker who warned me that it was “wet up ahead”. I soon ran into a pond where the trail should have been. Being at least a foot deep with no way around, I abandoned and headed home.

The Kona was impressive as always. After a nice wash and oil, it’s ready for the next adventure.

For Sale: Bikey Stuff


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I’m selling off some things I will no longer be needing.

  • Nitto Chocomoose bars in harlequin wrap with DiaCompe levers: $130
  • Nitto Alu Albatross bars in harlequin wrap (burgundy/grey) with 13cm stem and Tektro Eclipse (canti or v) levers: $140
  • Sidi Spider MTB shoes EU 40.5: $100
  • Sidi Diablo GTX shoes EU 40: $90
  • Time ATAC and MKS Urban ATAC pedals: $30 for both SOLD
  • Swift Paloma Bar Bag: $125
  • Shimano PD-A530 2 pair: $50
  • Speedplay Frog CroMoly: $50

Pics are here: