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Yesterday was iffy.  I wasn’t going to do this ride if it was going to be starting out raining.  Luckily, most of the day stayed dry, so I went out and enjoyed it.  There were  99 folks signed up in the pre-registration, and I saw several folks there who hadn’t been on the list.  A 100+ turnout is huge (for me).  I started out slowly as my knees were sensitive after last week’s 100k.  This time I had a bit of soreness at the halfway point – nothing a bit of ibuprofen didn’t take care of.


The bike functioned flawlessly, and I was comfortable to the end.  Great frame, saddle, pedals, tires, and fit.  I can’t wait to test this on a longer ride.


The amazing thing about a brevet – it seems like 10 miles out, you hardly see anyone anymore.  Folks spread out quickly at these distances.  There is a lot of time to catch up with old and new acquaintances, and meditate (as I did on the beautiful mossy green forested road along Lake Roesiger between Granite Falls and Monroe).





At the finish, there was chili and beer, and then a short 1 mile hop back to my home.


Great day to be outdoors!

Full set of photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stonehog/sets/72157642413443174/

Ride map: http://cyclemeter.com/51cfa6724f84c700/Cycle-20140315-0657?r=e