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My continued adventure on the Hunqapillar.  Today I put Resist Nomads on the beast, and removed the 50mm Duremes.  Although I love these tires, they are heavy, and make my ~1000ft ascent home tougher than I want it to be.  These Nomads may be a good medium.

The cushion for pushin’

This tire is rated as a 45mm, but most folks measure it out at about 41mm.  I’m going to wait a few days for a measurement so it can stretch.  First impressions are good.  It rolls smoothly, has plenty of plushness, and less weight than the Schwalbe.  It’s definitely not as plush as the Cypres or Jack Brown Green, but for what this bike is for, I would like a bit more rubber on the road, and I’m always chasing the mythical Hetre in 700c.  This is a haulin’ tourin’ mountain bike.

Up Front

The tire is a wire bead.  It mounted on the Synergy with minimal finger pressure – no need for irons if you have a flat.  The sidewall is a bit darker than the light yellowish typical skinwall.  This works really well on the bike with the amber overtones of the shellac, and the mahogany wood fenders.


The tread is a square pattern similar to the Jack Browns, but without the slick parts.  It handled riding no-handed in my short test ride without unusual amounts of wobble.  I felt the street, but most of the hi-frequency vibration was absent.  The tires were inflated to 30psi front and 50psi rear.


Next steps are to do some serious riding in the dirt and trail.  I will take them for a quick ride down my favorite dirt path tomorrow and check for grip.  Need some more mountainy bars on this beast.  The noodles are great for road riding, but this thing wants to be in the dirt, and I have a nice road bike.  Next up are either Midge bars or Albatross.  I may put the basket back on, too!