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I’ve been away from posting for the past few weeks.  It’s not that I haven’t been riding, although a trip to Maui resulted in a week’s break from the road, and a short bout of flu kept me off the bike for a few days before that.  Today was the first day back on the bike, and I felt like I lost some fitness.  I had expected to feel rested, and I’m definitely relaxed, but I realize now that regular riding keeps me in shape.

Going from a week of humid 80 degree temps to the 40s/50s of rainy Seattle was not too bad.  I feel like this is the ideal climate for biking.  It never gets too hot.  When I was on Maui, I felt like I would have to get out to ride at 5am to avoid the sun.  I overcook easily.  That said, I felt a lot more comfortable by the end of my visit.  Next time I go, I will be riding.

Back home found the end of the cherry bloom, and as I rode through the UW campus, I was inspired to take a few pictures.


This fusion of green and pink is not far from what I just experienced in a more tropical climate.

Up Campus

Spring is becoming a favorite season for me.  The rain helps!