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Finishing the diamondsCompleted right sideTwo sectionsWorking the leftLower leftLeft complete
Cockpit viewFront viewGetting ready for shellacOne coat finished

Hunqapillar Harlequin Drops, a set on Flickr.

This was my latest bar work. After a recent fit, I decided to set up both of my main rides with similar cockpits and dimensions to minimize bodily pain.  I’ve also been slowly beginning to favor drop bars.  I did a dual harlequin wrap on Nitto 42cm Noodles putting the diamonds on the straight parts. This keeps them well-shaped and avoids the warped diamonds you get on curves. I used Newbaums Maroon and Yellow with amber shellac finish (three coats). I also video taped some of the wrap work and hope to edit an post my first video blog soon.