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A lot of folks rode to the polls today.  Here in Washington State, we vote by mail only.  I voted a week ago, actually.  I did ride today, however.

In the Gravel

On Tuesdays, I drop off my daughter at school, and generally ride to work from there.  As it’s on the way to work, it has usually been a short ride day.

By the Fishing Piers

I have been going the longer route along the ship canal, Magnolia, and Myrtle Edwards.  The waterfront trail is sublime and largely unused in Seattle.  It has been freshly paved in more than half of the miles I ride it, so it’s a pleasant ride.  The main reason I go this way is that it’s scenic as hell!

Commute Panda

I was expecting rain today, so the dry spell both ways was a nice bonus.  I do feel guilty peeling off the trail and putting my bike in my pickup for the short drive home, however.  I always wish I could finish the ride.

By the Wall


On the Ship Canal