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Not bike related, but my family went on a cool underground reservoir tour today. The Maple Leaf Reservoir, built in 1910, was for years one of the few remaining open reservoirs in a major city. After 911, our Mayor at the time proposed covering these reservoirs for the dual benefits of securing the water supply, and creating new park space.

We have been living with the noise and dirt of a major construction project since we moved into our house last December. The current construction project started in September 2009, and is estimated to be completed and handed off to Seattle Parks on April 2012. It cost the city around $49 million, and creates a new 16 acre park land that will have stunning views of Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Lake Washington, and both the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

Besides the amazing size of this “water tank” system with its 768 columns, 25-35 foot ceilings, and 30,000 cubic yards of concrete, the echo inside one of the tanks lasts over 30 seconds long! During the tour inside the tank, there was a constant drone of echo that never went away.