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January Populaire, a set on Flickr.

This was my first “bonk” ride. I was out of gas at about the 58 mile mark. Nearly had it finished, and just bonked hard.  That night, my daughter told me “Dad – you bike too much!”.  I had to agree (regrettably).  I resolved to commute a bit less, and bus more.  I want to get more miles on the longer rides, and need to save my energy.

In hindsight, I took a month off cycling, and then the week before, had done 4 solid days of commuting. I was tired.

I then met up with a rider from Bremerton with a beautiful Mitch Pryor (MAP) Rando project bike.  We ended up talking through most of the ride, and I was forgetting to eat much or drink water until over halfway through.  I started to suffer at 30 miles, and had a granola bar and a handful of trail mix. I’m pretty certain I became dehydrated by the end of the ride.  I was a bit dizzy, and had no energy left. I had to stop to eat on the 45 minute drive back to keep from dozing off.

Live and learn.

Otherwise, it was a beautiful ride around Camano Island. There were 80 folks that pre-registered, and it looked like we had at least 50 show up. Lots of variations of machines. Everything from custom MAP randos, to titanium Davidsons. Tandems, carbo/alums, and everything in between. I did the ride in a bit over 5 hrs. My AHH rode flawlessly. I had no discomfort, and the drivetrain was nice and quiet. I had put new cranks on with a lower 32t small ring, and was glad I did based on the hills we went up.

I’m looking forward to a real 200k. Now I know that I need constant food/water to make this work…