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I always come back to the Porteur and basket setup.  It seems to be the most consistently comfortable and useful cockpit I’ve had on my commuter/road bike yet.  I’ve had about 6 revisions including:

Nitto Noodle 46cm – 11cm Nitto Technomic stem
Porteur (VO) – same stem
Nitto Noodles – 10cm Dirt Drop stem

Porteur (VO) – 8cm Nitto Technomic stem
Nitto Randonneur 45cm – same stem
Porteur (VO) – back to the 11cm original

Hilsen with Porteurs

Cockpit version 6.0

I also have tried the Nitto Albatross and Moustache bars on another bicycle.  I enjoyed both, and I am slowly learning how the stem, bar height, and angles need to be adjusted differently to get a comfortable setup.  It makes me realize that I am lucky to enjoy working on my own bikes.  If I had to go through the trial and error of getting to this point through a local bike shop, the process would have been a bit longer, and more spendy…