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I’ve been planning to do the Oregon Outback ride this year with a friend, and yesterday was our first trial ride with our camp bikes.  We did the 26-mile mostly paved ride I had done on my rando bike a few weeks ago.  There is a short stretch of gravel, so it allowed us a bit of feel for the twisty dirt roads, but this was mainly an equipment shakedown.

Testing the OO setups

We loaded up his Troll and my Mammoth with some bulk, but not a full level of kit. I had the hammock, sleeping bag, and stove, and John had a front bag, frame bag, and a full Ortlieb dry bag. All in, my bike was probably 10+ lbs heavier than my last ride on this loop.

John's Troll


  • The Thunder Burts are nice pavement tires – minimal buzz, and great float, and the tubeless setup is holding air nicely
  • I will likely need to put my rear rack back on to support the bag – it rests on the fender, and there will be more weight out back when I add food, clothes, etc…
  • I’m going to put a triple on the front for the extreme climbs with weight – the 48/34 compact double is good, but I want more granny
  • John is checking his chain rings – threw the chain a few times
  • Flat pedals rock
  • Ready to tape the bars – they felt fine on the ride
  • Both bikes had a bit of shimmy at ~20mph – attributed to more weight high up in the back – we should be able to sort it by adding weight in the front, and lower down
  • Our speed was not too different then my solo ride of the reverse loop;  12.3 mph ave vs. 13.7 mph ave – only took an additional 12 mins over the course of 2 hrs
  • The bikes are plenty comfortable
  • I can’t wait for this trip!