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I wanted to get up and do a different route to work today (had to go in on a Sunday to support Super Bowl mobile TV traffic).  I thought the route would add a few miles to my commute, give me some extra hills, and maybe take a lot longer.  Surprise – it was the same 12ish miles as my normal “long” route – ha!  It’s amazing how deceiving route planning can be.  It was a cool morning, and there were icy parts on the road, but the sun was out, and I knew it would be a good day for a ride.


I went straight west a few miles to the Puget Sound.  I stopped for a few picture of the frosty beach.  It was vacant at 9am on a Sunday.  The mountains were trying to peak through the clouds, and we had a nice foggy inversion happening south of Seattle.


Going across the Ballard Locks (also empty but for a few runners), I noticed the 12th man flag.


The water was so gorgeous, I found myself looking for fish in the locks.  Nothing today, but with more time, I would have checked the fish ladders.  I’ve heard the steelhead are running now.


I found a new route from the locks to the railway cut that allowed me to miss a short, steep rise, and then it was on to the Centennial and Myrtle Edwards and down the waterfront.  The sun really makes a day in Seattle extra great!