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I’m a convert to front racks, baskets, and nice canvas bags.  I currently use an Acorn Boxy Rando bag on my Riv, and a small Sackville Saddlesack for tools.  On my “donut bike”, I have a medium sized Wald basket with a Riv Shopsack that I totally love.

Rivendell Front End

I was planning to try out the “low-trail” design, but I’m having trouble justifying getting a new bike just to test this.  I recently rode a few low-trail bikes at my LBS.  I tried a VO Polyvalent, and a Rawland rSogn, but they felt not too much different than my Hilsen in terms of stability with a front load.  I think I just key into trail less than some.

Fall Foliage on the Bridge

I am currently using a Mark’s Rack on this bike.  As I want a bit more platform for the Rando bag, as well as the basket I have been known to sport, I ordered a Nitto/Riv Platrack to add to this.

Rivendell Platrack

I’m probably going to experiment with the struts.  They are supposed to run to the eyelets at the front axle, but I’m more interested in having the same supports from the mid-fork eyelets hold this guy in place.  I think it would look cleaner.  I’m also worried about having more reinforcement from the bottom of the fork, as it may stiffen up the fork in a bad way.  It’s probably psychological, but I’ll see if I can get a quantifiable feel for this.