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New compact double crank and rando bars

OK – 2 days under the belt and about 40 miles.  I like the cranks.  It seems the 5mm difference is noticeable, but not a change for the worse.  I seem to be fine in the knees, and it is not affecting my average speeds or feeling of power output.

On the bars, I’ve been tweaking the layout – I put the drops at about 17 degrees, and moved the shifters back a bit to fit my hands.  It’s a bit weird to be so laid out, but not bad so far.  My back and neck seem to be fine.  I feel like it is definitely helping me fight the wind to be more aero.  The problem with biking in May is I’m going into the wind both ways – it blows from the south in the morning, an the north in the evening.  I love getting low in the drops when that happens.  I do like the flare of the drops in the rando bars.  I also don’t mind the narrow width so far compared to the 46cm Noodles I had been using.

The cassette is going to have to go.  The 8-speed SRAM 12-30 is not ideal for the chainline – the spacer by the hub pushes the 7-speed cassette out, and this seems to help.  I also like the 34 tooth big cog on the 7.  I’m cleaning it up, and that bad boy is going back in service.  The LX derailleur is no better or worse than the DuraAce it replaced.  The front derailleur is still creeping in on the big ring, and I constantly have to trim it.  I need a new derailleur – if I can find a nice Campy compact double, I need to snap it up.  Riv used to sell them 😦

Oh yeah – no basket.  I’m dumping the basket on the Riv.  Going to stick with the Acorn bags…