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My snow bike has been morphed back into a regular mountain bike.

I added a Brooks seat, properly color coordinated, and put Schwalbe Big Apples on it for commuting.  It was used for my 9-mile commute and performed admirably,  albeit sort of like a big sail with the upright position.  With the shock and the Big Apples, it’s severely cushy, though.  A real Cadillac.

I may keep this bike around for awhile, at least until I can add a newer steel frame to the stable. There are only a few components I will keep on this bike over time.  The whole drive train is quite worn, and needs replacing.  It’s amazing how much better the simple Sugino cranks are in comparison to the “modern” Shimano/SRAM stuff.  The rings look like they were stamped from sheet metal and bent to shape.  Garbage.

I also need some simple pedals that are uniform on both sides.  I really like the MKS Sneaker pedals, and may try the Grip Kings for this kind of bike.  I will keep the wheels and Big Apple tires – great ride on/off road if it’s not muddy.  I may experiment with other shifting options – the XT Thumbshifters are nice, but I’ve moved on at this point, and can really see the advantage of a modern mountain brifter for off-road riding.  I’m fine with friction for the road, but there are more extreme transitions in the dirt, and quickness can save your ass.