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I’ve got both of my regular bikes dialed in pretty well now, and have been trading them off for commute duty.  I am also thinking about the upcoming Rando season, and have been trying to get  in an occasional longer ride in on the weekends.  Timing with family duties has been tough, as always.  I find that I need to commute to get my “bike on”, and when I try to save energy for the weekend rides by not commuting, I start to get pretty miserable fast.  This must be a special condition built up over years of conversion to a bike commute, so when I don’t do it for a few days I start to go through withdrawal.

I’m not sure if others have this problem.  I get the feeling that most Randonneurs are more of the weekend warrior type that have a hopelessly long commute and just ride on the weekend.  I am quite sure that’s bunk, and there are folks all over the spectrum that have the rando kind of crazy.  Anyway, I’ve been doing about 150-250 miles/month in commutes, and have gradually started to take a longer, less crowded route to work.  I look at it as the “scenic route”, but also view it as “base miles” that I need to keep my fitness at to even attempt the longer rides.  I know that by doing this, I’ll be able to finish a 200k if I bring enough food/water, but I certainly won’t be in the top 20% time-wise without more dedication.

Do I want to dedicate the time to that?  Sure.  Eventually.  When my daughter wants to spend more time with her friends.  When the house projects are back to the single digits.  When work isn’t a primary focus for me?  You can see where this is going.  I think I’m a Randonneur like I’m a Fisherman.  For me, it’s an outlet, and I want it to be enjoyable.  That’s the plan…

Rando or Commuter?