Boarding the BI ferry downtown SeattleChilly Hilly 2012-2Glimpse of SeattleChilly Hilly 2012-4Are those snow flakes?Chilly Hilly 2012-6
Lots of baked goods for sale on this rideNon-plussed?Snow in the airChilly Hilly 2012-10Return FerryBike Parking

Chilly Hilly 2012, a set on Flickr.

This was my second Chilly Hilly. It was a fresh day in the upper 30’s, with light snow between sun breaks. I felt great on this ride and tried out some new foods to see how I would react for later, longer rides. I felt great on the second half of the ride. No sign of the bonk that I hit at the 30 mile mark on my last Populaire. The only thing I would change is the pure number of cyclists. I did this one solo in a sea of 5000+ bikers. If I’m riding alone, I’d prefer to just be alone.