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Other Plans

There are times when I am excited about a ride and really can’t stand when it doesn’t work out.  Back in my youth, I would usually just suck it up and do the ride, whether it was good for me or not.

Last weekend was a scheduled SIR ride that sounded great, and would have been one of my longest rides to date.  It was a 130k (~80 miles) circle starting in Conway, and turning back south in Bellingham.  It was set to come down Chuckanut drive – one of the more scenic Washington coastal drives.  I was pumped up and ready for it.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate.  The first sign was that my newish riding buddy was hedging that it would be too wet.  I determined to try to at least get up to the start and see how it looked.  However, when 6am rolled around, I looked into the Bellingham weather.  The gusts I had been hearing that night were getting worse.  There was a “wind advisory” predicting 55 mph gusts, with special attention to be careful along the coast.  It was of course going to be a headwind starting at the halfway point.

With not too much thought, I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I want my randonneuring experience to be fun.  Not a chore.  Next time will be better…