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I took the year off randonneuring in 2015.  Not one timed ride.  No real reason other than I was not feeling “scheduled in” for most of the big rides.  That said, most of my training was for the Oregon Outback ride.  May also happened to be my all time mileage month.


Out back

Mileage is gradually becoming meaningless for me, and if it weren’t for a natural interest in stats, and smartphones making it easy to record rides, I would be perfectly happy guessing, or better yet not worrying about it.   That said, I still lead a team at work for our local Ride Months in May and November.  I guess it’s tough to give up old habits, and I like to encourage folks to get out and ride.

Stats for 2015:

  • Total Distance: ~2592 miles
    • Best Month: May – 605 miles
    • Least: December – 55 miles
  • Total Elevation Climbed: ~108,837 feet
  • Total Riding Time: ~8 days and 9 hrs (over 200 hrs)
  • Number of Rides: 201
  • Ave Speed: ~12.9 mph
  • Ave Ride Distance: 12.9 miles
  • Ave/Max Heart Rate: 145/184 bpm

The prior two years:

  • Total Distance: over 3000 miles
  • Total Riding Time: ~220 hrs

All in all, a bit of a down turn, but I plan to put in some rando time this year with a goal of eventually doing some of the longer distances, and at least hit a total of over 1000 miles of rando distance.