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I’ve been away from the blogging lately due to a heavy work schedule.  I have missed the first few rides with SIR this year, as well.  I’ve been commuting a few times weekly, and plan to up that as I get my Hunqapillar set up for the Oregon Outback.


I was in Europe a few weeks back on work meetings, and managed to get to Scotland for a weekend vacation.  From a flight into Glasgow, I hired a car and drove to Oban to stay at a bed and breakfast for 2 nights.  I didn’t get any biking in, but did a lot of walking about.  The main draw for me was the landscape and whisky distillery.


I managed to get a few bike pics in Stockholm, Sweden.  It was the only place I noticed much biking.  The weather was quite mild in early March – I had assumed it would be frozen and snowy, but it seems not unlike home.


I also noticed a few mail carriers using bikes.


As for London – more cars than ever it seems.  I met a few friends who biked to the local pub, but I only noticed a few bikers braving the busy city streets.  They seemed to be very comfortable getting close to traffic – just not as much room on the streets there. One of these days I’ll have to rent a bike and do a bit of cycling.  The roads are inviting – especially the less busy rural roads of Scotland.