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My folks are visiting Washington this summer to escape the heat of Arizona.  My mom had a bike with her (an older Japanese Soma from the 80s), but my dad was out of luck.  I happened to have a pretty good solution in the Miyata that I had relegated to “lunch ride” bike.  The cockpit wasn’t going to work, however.  Way too hunched over for a 72-year-old.  The genius of Rivendell’s Bosco bars came to the rescue.  I showed him an Albatross setup, as well, but he wanted the higher bars.  After an interesting start launching off the driveway wall, he was underway.  I lowered the seat a bit, but otherwise the bike fit him just right.  Look at that upright position he’s able to get on a laid out ’88 downhill MTB large frame!  Not bad!


I’ll miss this one this summer, but will make due with the alternates.  I’m glad this bike is still finding a home with someone who will be able to enjoy it.  It deserves to be ridden for a few more decades.  Lugged steel!