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I plan to become a stronger rider.  That much is for sure.  One way to do it is stop eating big fat lunches with the workmates, and go out on my bus/carpool/motorcycle days to ride intervals.  I don’t really have a great bike for that, however.  Wait…  Maybe I do?  The old Miyata RidgeRunner Team that was my Bosco’d lazy bike might fit?  I’ve always sort of loved this mutt – it has a great fast, low feel to it.  Awesome Compass tires that feel like 26″ Hetres!

But, there is that high bottom bracket which was made to fly over fallen logs and various obstacles on the ’88 downhill circuit.  That’s the achilles heel for this bike, I fear.  Then there is the obnoxious U-Brake.  Hmmm – I guess this may still work for a 1-hour lunch ride slash torture session.  Better than sitting barless and sad in the basement bike heap.  OK – first things first.  Put on an old dirt drop cockpit setup I have laying around.  I hope the reach isn’t too short.


Nice!  Even has the diamond tape!  Not really a match, but I’ll add a little blue to the drops.  There.  Much better…  Now about shifters.  Hmmm – I could do the stem setup like I had on the clown bike?

B&M Lumos B

Nope.  Too much hand movement – can’t deal with that while I’m cranking up a hill at top speed, right?  How about something more ergo – perhaps thumbie style?


Awww yeah – that’s more like it…  Now is this a scramblin’ interval machine or what?


This sucker looks fast just standing there.  Like it’s going to jump the start and kill the field.  Those lugs!  Those fenders!  That raked cockpit!  Damnnnnn.  Better put some clipless pedals on this beast.  Need maximum torque.  Let’s put a Ti Brooks Pro on there, too.  Keep the weight and comfort down – no sense getting complacent and sitting down on the ride…


Hmmm – that old V-Brake’s gotta go.  No problem solver rig this time.  This bike was built in the golden era of cantis.  Hey – I just got a pair of CX70s for the rando bike that I didn’t need (had centerpulls).  How about we try one out on the front?  Crap – gotta put a cable hanger on there somewhere…  Hmmm… I know I have one lying around somewhere.  There we go.  Got it.  OK – now comes the fun part!  Get it to work.  It’s raining tomorrow – perfect day for a transport stage.  There’s life in this old steed yet!