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I always thought that a shorter “women’s” saddle should work great for the fellas.  There is less nose to get in the way of your junk, right?  I saw my chance to try one when Kent Peterson posted for sale a ti Brooks Finesse.  I pounced thinking it would be a great way to try both a ti Brooks and a short nose saddle.

B17 on left, Finesse on right

It was a bit on the dry side, so I put a few coats of Proofide on it to soften it up a bit.  The first thing I noticed is how nice the brown leather looks.  It’s like having a nice piece of wood with unique grain.  The copper rivets and nameplate were a nice match for my copper Hilsen, as well.  The thing felt like it weighed about half of my normal B17 Special.  All systems go!

Copper plate

The first few commutes dialed it in, and I found that I was getting similar comfort to the B17 I was used to.  This saddle has more of a Team Pro shape, and I liked how it was easy to slip around on while riding.  No sticky points.  I really liked the shape – the sides are molded inward a bit more, and less apt to stick out and rub your thighs.  The one area I wasn’t sure about was the nose.  It seemed to pop up a bit more than I liked, and to get it to the angle I needed it at for my sit bones, I could feel the nose tip.  This turned out to be the rub for me.  I really didn’t like having that upward push happening further back than on the normal “men’s” saddles I ride.  It wasn’t painful, just there.  A good saddle is supposed to disappear beneath you…

First long ride

I ended up taking it on a longer ride (38 miles), and it was comfortable, but when I reached the finish, I decided it was time to end the experiment.  I knew that after 100 miles, this slight bump would become a royal pain in the taint!  No go.  Oh well, it is a really nice saddle.  I may hold on to it for a while and see if my wife or daughter find it to their liking.  Next up – I’m going to try the Rivet Pearl (again) on a longer ride.  I may have it just about dialed in this time, and the shape is superb!

Side view of the B17 – notice the longer flat nose

The Finesse is more of a bowl – less nose…