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ProfileCockpitFrom aboveWiring SideWaiting for a dynoLighting under the rack
Chainring Light BracketReecharge MountedPanda?WiringWiring Route Joining at the forkCable Routing
Under the bottom bracketAnd upAnd up to the lightAt lightReecharge WiringFrom the top
Another View

Hilsen Lighting v 2.0, a set on Flickr.

In my quest for light and power perfection, I added a charging setup, as well as a new mount for my headlight on my rando bike. The plan is to power it all via dynamo hub…

Via Flickr:
I added the BioLogic Reecharge adapter, and set up the light to mount under the rack so as not to interfere with the platform. This was about the only place I could fit a mount on the Mark’s Rack keeping the light under the rack bed.