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Wheel Carrier, a set on Flickr.

I had to carry a rim home tonight, and could not devise a good way to put it on the front rack. This seemed to work out pretty well, and I got home with nary a scratch.

I used zip ties to try to keep everything snug and rattle-free (at least on the fender).  I had done this method of wheel transport before, and every bump bounced the bottom of the wheel off the fender.  Tieing it down really helped this time.

I had to watch how close I got to traffic, parked cars, and other bikers, but it wasn’t a problem.  I did have a bit of scratching on the top where the rim was held by the straps and buckles.  This was likely due to the rim coming in contact with the metal seat loops that the bag straps use.  Nothing a light sanding won’t remove, but a slight annoyance in the occasional rattle department.

Next – on to the build…